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Among our collection of batteries are Duracell Ultra C Batteries which are among the most powerful range of alkaline LR14 batteries made from Duracell

They’re ideal for ultra-demanding devices that require long-lasting power. These batteries provide increased efficiency as well as power for energy-intensive devices such as controllers, doorbells, LED torches, toys and digital cameras.

Better yet, these batteries are more environmentally friendly since their alkaline cathode technology produces greater power with less heat. Duracell Ultra C batteries also have a healthy shelf life so they can be stored safely for use further down the line.

We also have an excellent selection of batteries from Energizer, such as these C Power Plus rechargeable, ready to use batteries. Since they come pre-charged, they can be used straight from the packet. Also known as HR14, these batteries are ideal for use in any low or high drain size C compatible devices.

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